Argument For the Existence Of God

God himself is not a created thing of the universe so science cannot disprove his existence. He is not an object that can be taken apart, known, and analyzed. He does not correspond to the world the same way as what he created. Who but a God could create inanimate and animate matter from nothing? God would have to come to us in humility, not with physical manifestations or might and power because people can only know him and experience him through his giving of love which requires humility by both the receiver and the giver. Something had to have been here forever. Because God created us, he taught us through the discipline and love which  scripture teaches the spiritual psychology that allows us to live life to the fullest and to be able to truly love and believe. That discipline is contrary to what a world bent on prestige, comfort, and wealth would have us believe but it is the way to truly live life fully and with joy and to really know ourselves and live life abundantly.

The first point to prove there is a God is in the existence of His creations. Think of the following three gifts from God made here on Earth and you can’t help but believe.

Think of a cat, a rose, and an orange.

God made cats in his loving kindness who share in His spirit. Not only did God make cats to catch mice, but he also made them for people like me who need them. When God made creation, he thought of everything. Because of their personalities and behavior, it is impossible to deny a loving God exists. He gave cats and dogs to people to lessen the burdens of life and for people to have something that  gives and receives love which people need because they are spiritual beings. A cat or dog had to have been made by something which is of love which is God. And when you love you believe and see reasons to believe.

Next, think of a rose. In fact, think of all of God’s flowers. They are exquisite masterpieces. Not only are they beautiful but they give us honey, another gift from God. As Simone Weil said: “in everything which gives us the pure, authentic feeling of beauty there really is the presence of God. There is, as it were, an incarnation of God in the world, and it is indicated by beauty.” You experience God and see reasons to believe.

Lastly, think of an orange. It is a beautiful, vibrant color, it is refreshingly delicioius, and is intricately made. Furthermore, think of the sun which is a separate entity from the earth but it is necessary to thelp the seeds that make oranges grow along with water and soil. The sun is precisely at a distance from the earth to allow life. If it wasn’t precisely at this distance, there would be no life.

The earth itself allows us to spiritually grow by being tested which allows us to love and live life abundantly. The Earth and interaction with our fellow man gives us the opportunity to develop the virtues. No other environment but the Earth would allow us to grow spiritually.  The physical allow the spiritual to develop.  We would not, for example, become virtuous unless we consciously choose to be and are challenged by life on Earth. Virtue requires sacrifice and discipline and honesty. With prayer and an act of the will, virtue is developed and vice is destroyed.  True happiness occurs when virtue is developed and vice is destroyed. Virtue allows faith to develop.

On the earth there is suffering but suffering allows someone else to be tested for compassion.   Suffering united to God purifies. It can remove the poisons of the material world (selfishness, sin) so that we can love. Suffering can make one realize what is important in life. It can allow us to love better, to mature, to become disciplined to be transformed, and to have compassion. Suffering can cause one to be reborn. Suffering allows the divine to penetrate into what is human when we unite our suffering to God.  If life was nothing but easy we would not develop faith. Jerry Ryan in Spiritual Life magazine said: “It is only when we are confronted with an ambigious and disconcerting reality that an authentic faith can develop.” Faith is our acceptance of the destruction which God affects in us in order to conform us to God and to believe and to have true love and joy.  Faith dies without giving love. Faith and love you cannot separate. One is not true without the other. Faith allows death to be the instrument for man’s transformation and fulfillment. Without knowing one will die, man would not develop spiritually. Like the silkworm who dies and then becomes a butterfly, we are transformed when we die too. We are reborn.

It could not have been anything but a God that guided creation and made our extremely complex bodies function with sight, hearing, and speech, so we spriitual beings could learn to love and be tested. We were made in his image but we are fallen due to pride.

Because we were made in his image we can love like he loves, commune with him, and create like him. It’s not just that we figure out how things are made, but that we have the ability to copy our creator’s ability to create what has already been created. Art, music, and literature are our spiritual creations. They help us to experience God like His Word allows us to experience Him and know Him. When we create things that are good we experience God. When we create things that are bad, we lose God.  God created us to share in his love. It was not to worship Him because He is egotistical. It is His gift to us to know, love, and serve Him. He wanted us to share in the divine life but we have to develop love to be able to do so. By loving God above all else we truly live life abundently.  We love more and live life more abundendly by loving God and others and following His commandments and focusing on the spiritual aspects of life and not losing sight of love because of its material distractions that result in selfishness. As love is, so is life’s driving force. Love makes life livable and workable, without it life wouldn’t last. We are to learn to love so when we die we can be united with Love (God). When we love unselfishly we are in His presence.  By doing HIs will one feel’s totally alive and nothing else compares. To give unselfishly results in belief and in self-knowledge. We cannot truly love as we should unless we love God above all else. Giving love results in communion of love with God and our fellow man. Communion is the highest form of love. Love requires truth and humility because we are spiritual beings. Because we are spiritual beings made in God’s image to be true to ourselves we must love unselfishly. We cannot love fully unless we have free will. If we were to give without free will, without compunction, we wouldn’t be able to develop love. God doesn’t force us to worship because then we wouldn’t have free will.  If God completely revealed himself we would not be so completely tested and not completely have free will.  Worshiping God and following his commandments is the only way to be totally free and to feel completely centered.

Even though it is much harder to believe if you are evil or selfish, God would still have the right to judge if you were selfish or hateful and didn’t love your fellow man on earth and take care of him. But throughout an unbeliever’s life, God does periodically approach them but it is up to them to respond in love to develop faith. To search for God love unselfishly. To really know oneself, see yourself as God would see you. Unite yourself to God to do so. We live false lives and are strangers to ourselves when we have self-love.  We don’t have honest joy.  Egos blinds us to the truth and to God and prevents a person from loving so that he wills the good of his fellow man. People who are egotistical don’t understand others or live life abundantly. An ego makes it very difficult to believe in God. Because we are spiritual beings we do not find what we subconsciously crave with prestige and wealth. The craving is filled by communion with God, by purification (what Christians call a cross) and by sacrifice. Because we are spiritual beings materialism and prestige if we make them our main priority makes us never truly happy. Because we are spiritual beings we cannot go back to truly being able to love after sinning without repentance.

God made and designed us and His Son taught the “spiritual psychology” that allows us to live life to the fullest and most abundantly because of that even though it may be hard at first. Jesus taught us to truly love and allows us to have our true identity.